Agricultural revolution research paper

Regional rulers the local representatives of the state were generally obliged to allocate a certain percentage of the agricultural taxes on building and managing water-storage, water-harvesting and/or water-diverting structures which facilitated a second crop

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Essay on negative effects of text messaging

tags: effects of technology on Art Better Essays 764 words (2.2 pages) Preview - Technology has undergone a revolution which made humans lives simpler and added many benefits to the world. While all of

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William graham sumner social darwinism essay

Strong Essays 990 words (2.8 pages) - While he was on the voyage of the.M.S. As I explained in my last essay, this charge is almost entirely the creation of Richard Hofstadter, whose

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Blueprinting planning your essay

blueprinting planning your essay

be assessed in the context of its underlying assumptions regarding the goals. Tips for ielts Essay Planning. As articulated by Brinkerhoff and Ingle (1989 the structured flexibility approach is an explicit effort to integrate the blueprint and process approaches in order to overcome the lack of fit between the precepts of the process model and the current modalities by which the vast. Thus, Kortens may be identified as a teleological process approach. Jake Daly from Terre Haute was looking for buy a business plan essay, clay Long found the answer to a search query buy a business plan essay, link - buy a business plan essay. The process approaches of Korten (1980) and Rondinelli (1993) will be contrasted in relation to their assumptions regarding the goals of development, and identified as teleological and instrumental respectively. . Thus, the assumption of the blueprint approach that uncertainty can be reduced by gathering more data and expanding the project design phase fails to recognize, as Rondinelli observes, that many constraints remain hidden until implementation (Rondinelli 1993, 17). Instead of going ahead with the centralized planning of conventional sectoral programmes for line ministry implementation, the Steering Committee decided to launch a process-oriented Community Empowerment Programme with the objective to build the capacity of rural communities to initiate and sustain their own development activities.

Convinced that the programme should be built from the bottom-up, based on beneficiaries own perceptions of their development needs, rather than designed as a blueprint by professional planners, the project Steering Committee of Zonal officials opted for a process approach. . Where the goal is empowerment for the increased well-being of the rural poor as defined by themselves, and so intrinsically variable and uncertain, no economic measure of effectiveness can substitute for a wholly participative teleological process approach in which ends as well as means are. This is a good way of working out what important points or issues make up the overall question it can help focus your reading and start giving your essay a structure. They have described the mechanistic assumptions of causality inherent in the blueprint model as: a gross over-simplification of a much more complicated set of processes which involves the reinterpretation or transformation of policy during the implementation process (Long Van der Ploeg 1989, 227). Although he criticizes the quantitative methods of the orthodox blueprint approach as ineffective precisely because they tried to clarify and make technical those issues that were inherently complex and political (ibid., 19 his process approach, regarding projects as social experiments to reduce uncertainties and unknowns. But make sure you then consider the question as a whole again, not just as a series of unconnected words. The blueprint and process approaches will be introduced with reference to some of the writers who have contrasted them, and their assumptions relating to uncertainty surrounding the development process will be identified as a key factor by which they may be distinguished.

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